3D Castings? But my child won’t sit still!

3D Castings? But my child won’t sit still!

It’s a question I often get asked. Does the child have to remain still during the casting process? The answer is no!

The 3d casting process involves using a cloth to cup the mould around their little hands and feet and this sets in under 2 minutes, leaving them free to wriggle as much as they like. The mould will gradually turn from a paste to a firmer consistency and after the 2 minutes can be easily removed like a glove or a slipper. The mould we use is completely safe and used by dentists worldwide. Once the moulds have been taken then the customer is free to go and they are then set in our special plaster. Then we peel to reveal the magic! The casts normally takes 2-3 weeks to dry out for framing.

What age is best?

In my experience I’ve cast babies and children between 1 day old to 3 years old. It really is just a personal preference as to which age you want to create your keepsake with.

The 3d casting process is made to be as stress free and comfortable for parents and babies/children alike. Taken in my own home, you can be sure that if a feed or nappy change is needed then you are given the privacy to do so, or older children can play with the mountain of toys that my own children own!

I hope this helps clear up those niggling questions that you may have, but know we are always here to answer any others.

Take care
Angela x

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