And so the adventure begins…

And so the adventure begins…

What a busy time of year!  I’ve attended lots of nurseries and had the privilege of making these gorgeous handprint tiles as Graduation keepsakes for the kids to give their parents and carers.  It was so much fun going into the nurseries to take the children’s prints and them telling me their stories about starting school.

I can relate to this as my youngest Ollie is starting school in August.  I can’t believe it as he is and always will be my baby!  It’s daunting but also exciting to think that he’s about to start this new chapter in his life making new friends and learning new things.

Whether you are sending your babies to school, or sending your older ones to high school, the struggle is the same and know that even though we may not feel it inside, we need to let them go a little bit each time we say by at the school gates.

So here’s to a great Summer.  Enjoy the time with your babies because lets be honest before we know it they will be going back to school and maybe by that time we will be a little more ready for it after 7 weeks or so of “what are we doing today Mummy?” 😉

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